أساسيات بناء فريق العمل

بعض أساسيات بناء الفريق والصراع كثيرًا جدًا ما يتم تهدئة الخلافات الموجودة في اجتماعات الفريق بواسطة قائد الفريق أو أحد أعضائه. وبالطبع في هذه الحالات لا تتلاشى الخلافات نهائيا، ولكنها فقط تتأجل إلى موعد لاحق. وقد يؤدي هذا النوع من تجنب الصراع إلى التراكم التدريجي...

How To Deliver Bad News

     Christina Folz is the editor of HR Magazine. Aug 25, 2016 When you must share negative news, give employees time to react and grieve. Conventional wisdom tells us that the best way to deliver bad news to employees is to be objective and stay positive. But that...

11 HR Trends for 2016

11 HR Trends for 2016

One year ago, on 29 November 2014, I published “9 emerging HR Trends for 2015”. Many of the trends I mentioned end 2014 were very visible in 2015. The changes in performance management, the transfer to mobile, the use of communities for recruitment and people...

Latest News

Coach and mentor program has been launched.

As an extricable part of its core consultancy services development plan, Global Paradigms, a private entity established in the year 2013 in Saudi Arabia, added health education services to its unique package of services. Therefore, we are happy today to bring to your attention our latest news and announce our exclusive partnership in the Meddle East with Nursing Registry Consultants Corporation ‘DBA; NurseCompetency’ an entity founded in 2004 in the USA.

Global Paradigms – NurseCompetency exclusive partnership offers the tailored pre-hire testing and on-going educational services, including but not limited to, integrated clinical exams, skills checklists and education content with access to more than 75 skills checklists, 125 nursing and clinical exams, and 35 education topics.

Thus, our package provides our customers the comprehensive exams/tests of different techniques and of various topics covering all core competency topics – Core Competency: Nursing, Core Competency: Non-Licensed, and Core Competency: Allied. These exams cover multiple topics, including Advance Directives, Age-Related Competency, Child Abuse and Neglect, Cultural Competency, Elder Abuse, Emergency Preparedness, Facility Safety, Fire Safety, HIPAA…etc.

Systematically, we use a two-tiered classification system to identify the level of thinking required to respond to a question. The two levels are knowledge (memory or recall) and skills (reasoning or application).

Why NurseCompetency Exams are different?

1.  Make recruiting and hiring decisions with confidence
2.  Establish baseline knowledge of new hires for customized on-boarding
3.  Identify a new hire’s needs for best preceptor fit and focus
4.  Assess orientation or preceptor progress, and pinpoint areas for remediation or acceleration
5.  Determine readiness for promotions, transfers, floating
6.  Identify department bench strengths and knowledge gaps
7.  Align workforce knowledge and skills with your organization’s priorities
8.  Cultivate the skills and knowledge that translate into patient satisfaction and improved HCAHPS scores
9.  Mitigate the risk of errors for improved safety