Nurse Competency

Tests for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals

Search our healthcare and nurse testing center for a comprehensive listing of clinical and core competency exams. To ensure validity and statistical reliability, each of our clinical and nurses tests undergoes a six-step Content Validation Process. Each of our tests for nursing and clinical professionals is reviewed at least annually to confirm that the content reflects current and relevant clinical practice. Our advanced platform delivery allows for unique client configurations – open or closed test registration, display of correct answers upon completion, exam timers, grading based on national benchmarks, email notifications, and much more.

Our bank of tests for nursing and clinical professionals is robust. Every day across the US, savvy healthcare employers (e.g., hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, home health agencies, and staffing industry companies) administer our clinical and nurses tests – and contribute to – our competency exams. With over 125 different exams and nurse’s tests for competency to choose from, NurseCompetency has you covered.